VA Refinance Rates – Why Poor Credit Could Mean Better Interest Rate

Many veterans and their families are wondering how to get the best VA refinance rates available. Interest rates on loans from the Department of Veterans Affairs are variable. The federal government regulates interest rates on these loans. If you plan to apply for a loan through the VA, you need to know what factors go into determining va refinance rates interest rates on these loans.

Current VA Refinance Rates Your lender does not set interest rates on VA loans. Instead, your lender decides the interest rate on your VA refinance loan based on your individual financial circumstance. Talk with a housing loan expert about current VA refinance rates. They will be able to tell you what factors go into determining what type of lower monthly payment and other benefits that come with getting approved for a VA home loan.

Funding Fee Waivers Certain applicants have requested a Waiver of the funding fee, which is charged at the time of application. If you have applied for a VA home loan, it is possible that your lender will ask you to pay this money in advance. If this is the case, the lender will require that you provide documentation showing that you understand the requirements for waiving the funding fee.

Higher Credit Score Potential borrowers who have lower credit ratings may be able to qualify for lower interest rates. Lenders look at the potential borrowers’ credit scores before they offer them a loan. Some potential lenders will accept less than perfect credit, while others will not. There are some lenders that will not issue loans to potential borrowers who do not qualify for specific incentives or programs.

Veteran Home Ownership Many borrowers are purchasing their first VA or FHA loan in order to become a veteran. This action can help increase their eligibility for future VA and FHA loans. As more people learn about the benefits associated with having a VA or FHA loan, lenders will compete for borrowers. The competition between lenders helps to keep VA and FHA loan rates as low as possible.

Refinance rates will vary depending on the lender and the specific loan program. If you have a poor credit score, you may still qualify for a VA or FHA loan, but you will be offered much higher interest rates than those for individuals with good credit. The best way to find the lowest refinance rates on VA and FHA loans is to go with a specialist.

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