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Business systems are a specific form of Collaboration between businesses which, at total respect of their autonomy of individual associates, exploits the principle of aggregation, efficiently bolstering all of the businesses that are a part of it, both as an organization and separately.

The motive Of the website
These Businesses Are currently the greatest Business network in Italy and, consequently, in accordance with the objectives of the legislator, function in the interest of these businesses that stick to this, to maximize their own”innovative talent and competitiveness on the market”.

To achieve this community mission, Although fully Assessing the freedom of personal organizations, It has recognized three regions of intervention which many influence company functionality and that comprise the typical system program. Service focused on just two tactical targets of job ads (lavoro annunci): offering greater flexibility and optimizing production costs.

Companies They give
On-line business will always have a few Personnel commensurate with their actual demands. Therefore, for practically any brand new team, it will consider a potential relocation, thanks to its outplacement service. Services entirely devoted to improving the work of online businesses, offering them a very flourishing intra-network industry. 85% of the companies which combined the company’s network recorded growth in excess of 10 percent points in the initial 12 months.

Service designed to Provide on line companies a Snapshot in their economical and monetary wellbeing and to monitor their own trends via some basic indicators. Each business gets the”Prospera 1″ account free of charge over the first six weeks of going into the community. But as pioneer of the small business system, to accomplish the usual system program, has made a protocol known as”Prospera Method”. Even the Prospera process is centered on the execution of the series of steps that have a positive influence on firm performance. The Prospera approach rests on several pillars for Offerte di lavoro.

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