Amazing needs dispersed by Brooks XB22 is establishing another stage

Whenever we articulate of the house theatre process, what goes to our imagination? A great environment with tunes encompasses and dim lamps. A residence live theatre blends with electric powered elements providing you with the ultimate experience with watching or listening to noises similar to the live theatre. Nowadays, inside a huge atmosphere like villas, you can actually buy a house live theatre process to have a fantastic pleasure of seeing in theatre in comparison to the everyday television.

Brooks sound style

Using the excellent models boasting, brooks mp3 design and style has a incredible product or service line dedicated to distinctive sound methods. One is Brooks XB22 property theater system.


Some of the highlights of the Brooks XB22 method includes-

•Complete power of 1500 watts
•Frequency range between 20hz-20khz
•Features a complete Guided Show
•Fm/Am tuner
•Handheld control function with slender-line
•The modern technology of glowing blue stream
•Suitable wave online connectivity

Advantages of your system

The noise loudspeakers of Brooks XB22 have a exclusive ability that drives a number of seems for your viewers to learn. They have HD technological innovation of property theater solutions.

Audiophile generates 50 % of theater-like encounter along with the enhanced a single generates submersive mp3 for your detects.
Should you be looking for a number of links and searching for Bluetooth relationships, this mp3 style with brooks SS 81 has all this.


To go for the best surround seems, in comparison with others, brooks mp3 design and style has excellent features to acquire the special audio quality it creates.

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